Clinical Psychology

Psychologists are people specialists. Come and learn how to better understand both yourself and those in your life. Heal your hurts, find your power. It’s time for change!

Child Psychology

When kids behave in ways we don’t like, they are often struggling with emotional issues. They need support and understanding in a safe place. Let your child learn the skills they need to be healthy in all ways. Let’s have fun together!

Psychoeducational Assessments

Learning and emotional difficulties can have profound effects on one’s self esteem and life achievements. With standardized tests we can clearly find out how your mind works best. Improve your grades, your learning and your relationships. Get tested and understand yourself and/or your child better.

Integrative Psychology

We integrate the very best approaches in psychology and neuroscience to help you heal your mind, balance your body and free your spirit. Dare to reach your potential!

Adolescent Psychology

Adolescence is a crucial developmental period that brings along many physiological, cognitive and mood changes. With such changes, it is important to transition well into adulthood. Come alleviate your stress!


As a health professional, you give a lot of yourself to serve others. Get a fresh perspective on the clinical and personal issues you face. Gift yourself and advance your career!

Couple Counseling

Relationships are sometimes hard to maintain. With the right tools, you can come out of a destructive relationship spiral. Get your partner and yourself back into the flow!

Sport Psychology

Your training is important to you. You are psyched to reach your goals. Come discover how to use the right tools and harness the powers of your unconscious mind to help your succeed at any level of competition.

Corporate Services

We are committed to improving the quality of life of your organization and staff. Successful companies have healthy, motivated leaders, and employees.