Corporate Seminars

Below you see a list of the corporate seminars Stéphane Bensoussan offers. For further information or any inquiries please contact Stéphane Bensoussan directly or fill out the contact form below.

Motivation at Work (6 hours – 1 day workshop)

Explore the resistance and fears of change and develop an action plan that you can truly commit to.

  • Explore your resistance and fears of change
  • Realize the power of commitment
  • Uncover the power of goal setting
  • Develop a plan of action to get what you want
  • Discover the keys to assertiveness training
  • Learn applied relaxation techniques
  • Let go of fears and control
  • Distinguish between wants and wishes


Managing Difficult People in the Workplace (3 hours – 1/2 day workshop)

The workplace is often a place where we can encounter difficult people. Whether these people are colleagues, bosses, employees or clients, the behaviour of these individuals can disturb and affect the interpersonal relations and teamwork in the workplace. Through the use of lectures, case examples and role playing, participants will learn to:


  • Distinguish between various personality types and their emotional needs
  • Become skilled at practical techniques that can help to interact with these difficult cases
  • Develop coping mechanisms to maintain motivation and prevent job dissatisfaction

Pre-retirement presentation (3 hours – 1/2 day workshop)

Retirement from the job market is considered to be a major life stressor. Many people have successfully coped with change all their life only to find themselves confused, scared and with a great sense of loss. The following workshop is destined for those planning to retire in the near future. The aim is to:

  • Highlight the key concepts in preparing for a retirement that will facilitate this life passage
  • Understand the 5 major life domains: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social
  • Learn to identify improvements in any domains to bring equilibrium in areas of imbalance

Job Stress Management (6 hours – 1 day workshop)

Identify symptoms and sources of job stress and develop new tools to boost motivation.


  • Determine effective problem solving strategies to minimize stress
  • Change the way you feel by changing your thought patterns
  • Reduce stress in the workplace and maintain your motivation at work
  • Practice applied relaxation techniques
  • Discover the power of goal setting

Synergy: Creating Group Cohesion (3 hours – 1/2 day workshop)

This highly interactive workshop will seek to bring together many elements from humour to stress management to assertive communication, in order to provide a fun environment in which to engage in high-level learning. This will support team building, and individual skills building. Participants will:

  • Identify energy drains
  • Develop a healthy attitude while being faced with changes and obstacles
  • Learn simple relaxation exercises
  • Discover the power of joyful play: Can you guess who I am?


Is There Psychological Harassment in My Workplace? (3 hour workshop)

This interactive workshop will highlight for the rights of management and employees and help demystify this hot topic!


  • What is psychological harassment in the work place?
  • What is vexatious behaviour?
  • A few common ways in which harassment is expressed?
  • Management rights and normal conditions of employment
  • Sound management practices
  • What should you do in the event of psychological harassment at work?

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