The Integrative Approach

The integrative approach is an eclectic approach that seeks the balance of the mind, the body and the spirit. A difficulty in one of these three domains signals an imbalance that will impact on the other domains. Clearly, health is more than the mere absence of illness.

The search for optimal spiritual health is often termed the way of the peaceful warrior. Specifically, the peaceful warrior has a clear sense of purpose in life, feels guided and supported by a higher power, has a positive, loving spirit that embraces the oneness of life, feels an inner peace and is on the path of self-actualization.

By developing a heightened awareness of the purpose of life’s challenges and experiences, you create an instruction manual for life. Once the manual is devised, you can then gain a sense of mastery over any your life’s challenges. Furthermore, sages believe that shifting your consciousness to a higher level enables you to participate in the transformation of the human condition all over the world…

There is an extensive scientific literature supporting the mind-body-spirit connection. Spiritual psychotherapy (also referred to as holistic health or mind/body/spirit medicine) is not so much an alternative approach, as a complementary one. It is perfectly compatible with standard medical treatment and can be a powerful way of augmenting it, not challenging it or replacing it.

 The Goal

  • To develop a heightened awareness of the purpose your life’s challenges and experiences, and to transform these into spiritual growth.
  • To recognize and become aware of your life’s purpose.
  • To empower you to take charge of your health and life.
  • To change recurrent negative life patterns.
  • To face life with a generalized sense of inner peace.



“With his knowledge of psychology and his spiritual wisdom, Stephane Bensoussan was able to help me regain trust within myself so that I can continue to lead a normal life.”

“I was able to go deep into myself and discover that there was a lovable person there.”

“My life has transformed from one of chaos to one of peace.”

“Instead of feeling like and being at the mercy of my circumstances I am now the source of them.”

“His innate spirituality, inner fortitude and resolute quest for eternal peace in our very troubled world is an inspiration to us all.”