Stephane in the Media

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Women & Heart Disease

   Women’s Healthy Heart Initiative Presentation



Dealing with Insecurity in Romantic Relationships

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel June 2018


Making the most of Mindfulness

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich, M.Ed. June 2018


Are you emotionally healthy?

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel April 2018


Coping with Grief in a healthy way

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel March 2018



How to deal with Toxic Relationships

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel February 2018


Quelle place prennent les émotions dans votre vie?

Canal M – Vues et Voix February 2018


Help your relationship while you help yourself

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel September 2015


Discovering how to set healthy intentions for 2014!

CJAD 800, Passion – Therapist Panel January 2014


Holistic Healing

Our Voice: Living with Prostate Cancer in Canada 2011

Get off the Emotional Roller Coaster!

Coping with Emotion in a Healthy Way


Acting Against Anxiety

Our Voice: Living with Prostate Cancer in Canada 2008

Folio Polio Vol 2, No 7

Polio Quebec, 1997